How To Add Siblings On Facebook

Staying in touch with family is easy online, when you learn how to add siblings on Facebook.  In this article, you will learn how easy it is to embed a link to your siblings on your Facebook page, and with just a click of a button, you can have immediate access to your siblings by learning how to add siblings on Facebook. 

How to add siblings on Facebook:

  1. Log in.  The first thing you will need to do, is log in to your Facebook account.  Your siblings do have to be logged in at the same time, but they will need to have a Facebook account and be added to your friends list.  Thus, if they are not already a friend, send a request and wait for it to be accepted.
  2. Go to profile.  At the top right of the screen, you should see three words:  Home – Profile – Account.  Click on the word profile now.
  3. Change information.  Below where your profile picture is displayed, you should see a box with the word 'information'.  Next to that word is a small pencil icon.  Click on that pencil.
  4. Edit box.  A small box will appear with a list of options.  Check the siblings box, and then go to the bottom of the box and click on the words 'edit information'.
  5. Add sibling.  This is where you need to be to learn how to add siblings on Facebook.  The screen you are looking at holds all your basic information.  Scroll down to where you see the 'family members' section.  Click on the small words 'add another family member'.  From the 'select relationship' pull-down menu, select sibling.  In the box beside that, begin typing in the name of your sibling and click it when you see it.
  6. Save changes.  Now, simply scroll to the very bottom of the screen and click on the words 'save changes'.   This is the final step in learning how to add siblings on Facebook. 

Now, you have an embedded link that will be shown on your profile page, which will take you immediately to your sibling's Facebook page when you (or anyone else) click on it.  If you would like to learn how to add siblings on Facebook for multiple brothers and sisters, follow the same steps listed above several times.  Each time, be sure to click on the 'add another family member' mentioned in the 'add sibling' step of this article.

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