How To Add Special Effects Onto A Home Made Movie

Learning how to add special effects onto a home made movie will not only prove to be a fun learning experience, but can also greatly increase the quality of your home made movie. The primary things to remember when you learn how to add special effects onto a home-made movie are that there is a limit to how much to add, overdoing the special effects will decrease your movie quality. Special effects onto a home made movie are generally a good idea as long as they are used appropriately.

Tools Required:

  • Special Effects Software
  • Computer
  1. Download special effects software. Download special effects software to add special effects onto a home made movie. Very few or no free tools exist to do this, although many have free trial periods. One of the more popular tools, easily available is Adobe After Effects.
  2. Launch the program. Double-click the icon on the desktop or start-menu to launch the special effects program.
  3. Import the home made video. Start by clicking "File" and "Import" to load the video file into the program. This process may vary slightly if you are not using Adobe After Effects.
  4. Locate the scene. Scroll through the home made video footage and locate the first scene where you wish to add special effects. Remember to pick a scene that will flow properly with special effects.
  5. Add the special effect. Using the pre-set special effects in Adobe After Effects, simply drag the effect to the video clip. Properly position the special effect onto your home made movie.
  6. Adjust any settings. Adjust any settings the particular effect may have such as intensity, glare or duration. You may need to adjust the positioning and blending so that the special effect looks proper when placed onto your home made movie.
  7. Repeat this process. Repeat this process to add more special effects onto your home made movie. Create your own special effects rather than using the pre-set special effects once you feel comfortable.


  • Avoid using too many special effects in one scene, it will look overdone.
  • Combine physical props with special effects for the best appearance on your home made movie.
  • Consider utilizing green screen shots with your home made movie to maximize the appearance with special effects.
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