How To Add Things To Your Facebook

Want to know how to add things to your Facebook? If you check out your friends' Facebook pages regularly, you have probably noticed the different things they have added to their profiles. Maybe you noticed a playlist added to one friend's profile, or a photo album on another friend's profile page. If you would like to personalize your profile by adding photos, apps or groups, it is easy to get started.

  1. To add pictures to your Facebook, sign in to your Facebook account. Go to the Facebook homepage and sign in with your email address and password. After signing in, you will be directed to your homepage; click the "Photos" link located in the left pane of the page, under "News Feed."
  2. Enter the photo album information. Type in a name and description for your photo album and who you want to be able to view it. Click "Create Album" to start adding photos.
  3. Select the photos you want to add. Browse through your folders and click each picture you want to add, and when you are finished click "Upload." The photos will be added to your Facebook profile.
  4. To add apps to your Facebook, search for apps to add. After signing in to your Facebook account, type in the name or a description of an application you would like to add to Facebook. After you enter a name or keyword, press the "Enter" key.
  5. Filter the search results. In the pane to the left of the search results, you can choose which results you want to view. Select "Applications" to only view apps.
  6. Choose an app. Scroll through the apps list and click an app that sounds interesting to view the description. After you find one you like, click "Add to My Page's Favorites."
  7. Display the app on your profile. Click the "Applications" button located on the Facebook toolbar at the bottom of the page and when the applications list opens, click "Edit" next to the app you want to display on your profile. Check "Add Box" and click "Okay." The app will now show up on your profile.
  8. To join groups on Facebook, browse for a group to add. Enter the name or a keyword that describes the group you want to join in the search bar and press "Enter."
  9. Filter the search results. Click "Groups" in the pane to the left of the search results so you will only view the groups that fit your search terms.
  10. Select a group. Click a group to view its description and if you want to add it to your Facebook profile, click "Join Group." If the group is private, you will have to wait for the group administrator to approve your request to join.

Check out your friends' Facebook profiles to see the apps they use or the groups they are members of to get an idea for some things to add to your own profile.

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