How To Add Weight To Golf Iron Heads

Need to know how to add weight to golf iron heads? Adding weight to golf iron heads can mean the difference between a good shot and a great shot. A properly weighted iron head is important to all swing speeds and golfers of all skill levels. But, with all the endless choices of golf iron heads today, what works for one golfer might not work for another. That is when adding weight to your golf iron heads can help you customize your clubs.

To add weight to golf iron heads, you will need:

  • Your golf clubs
  • Lead tape
  • Scissors
  • A tape measure or ruler
  1. Get a feel for the club. Hit a few shots to figure out the club's consistency. It is important to strike the ball with a consistent swing to get a general feel of where the ball goes, and whether it has a tendency to hook or slice. Hit several shots in the sweet spot with a few good swings to get the club's truest accuracy.
  2. Measure the lead tape in inch-long strips. Lead tape, which is found at golf stores, will need to be strategically placed on your golf iron heads at various spots to optimize club performance. Some stores carry pre-cut sizes of lead tape. If your golf store is out of tape, check with a local golf club or big box retailer. Tennis shops also carry lead tape.
  3. Place lead tape on the golf iron head accordingly. Strips of lead tape will alter the club's weight and the club's swing weight. Golfers who have a tendency to slice the ball will need to put a layer or layers of lead tape on the heel of the golf iron head. This helps the club's toe close faster at impact and reduce the slice. Adding more weight to the toe of the golf iron head will do just the opposite and allow the heel to come through the shot with more speed, reducing the tendency to hook. Lead tape placed on the back of the golf iron head will add more balanced weight through the club, changing the club's weight to make it heavier. Exactly how much lead tape is added depends on the golfer and his personal feel. But it is important to note that no amount of lead tape will be the cure for any slice or hook.
  4. Practice. Hit a few shots with the altered club before playing. Get a feel for how the club is performing, and if the the amount of lead tape added to the club is the precise level desired. Reduce or add more tape accordingly. It is important to do this before playing because, if playing by United States Golf Association standards, golfers cannot alter clubs during a round.
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