How To Add A Word Form To A Website

Learning how to add a word form to a website isn't as difficult as you may think. Adding word forms to a website is all about the manipulation of the original document so that people can get to it through the website. Follow this step by step process and you'll be able to add that word form to a website. Here's how to add a word form to a website.

You will need:

  • Microsoft Word 2003 or newer
  • Computer with an Internet connection
  1. Open the word document and creating a macro. Before you can add the word form document to a website, you need to open it up. You'll actually be using the window pertaining to the document to set it up and add it to a website. You need to create a "macro" for your word form document. Do this by clicking on the tools tab in the upper left hand corner of your opened window. Choose the "macro" option. The macro allows people to sleet your link after you've attached it to a website in protected form. Then slide over and select the "Visual Basic Editor" option. A separate page will open pertaining to your original word form document. This is where you'll actually be doing the manipulation of the original page. 
  2. Coding. In order to transfer your word form to a website, you have to play around with code. It's not as difficult as it sounds. Now select the "insert" menu and select the "module" tab from your newly opened page. You'll notice a blank box opening up. This is where you'll need to plug in the right code allowing your word form to be added to a website. Lucky for you, you don't need to have extensive training in writing code to know what to plug in. Microsoft online will provide you with the right code. Write this on line one: Sub FollowLink(). Write this on line two: Selection.Hyperlinks(1). Write this on line three: FollowEnd Sub. Write it exactly as written. Now you can close the Visual Basic page.
  3. Back to the form. Now, back on your original form you need to select the "view" tab and go "forms" tab in the toolbar under "customize". Click it so you can see the forms. You can display the formatting by selecting to view them in the toolbar under the "view" tab.
  4. Mouse work. Go to the page. Put your mouse cursor where you want the link to be. Choose "Text Form Field" in the "forms" toolbar. Double click on the form symbol that pops up. Now it's just a matter of following the prompts. Choose your text size, so on and so forth. Click OK when you made your decisions. Finally, it's time to choose the link location. This is where you actually tell windows where you want the word form link to appear. Choose the location in the "Insert Hyperlink" section. Follow the prompts to link the word form to a website. Click OK to finalize the actions.
  5. Protection. In order to lock your link so no one else can tamper it, you need to go back into the "view" menu. Select "forms". Now select to protect the form. This way you're the only person who can modify it in any way.
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