How To Address A Business Envelope

You need to know how to address a business envelope to make a professional impression. It’s important to address it clearly and properly, so your mail is delivered as promptly as possible. Follow these steps to address a business envelope.

  1. The return address goes in the upper left corner of the envelope. Put the sender’s name as the first line. The business department should be the next line, if there is one. Use the street address as the following line. Then the city, state, and zip code make up the last line. Use a comma to separate the city and state names.
  2. The business address belongs in the center of the envelope. The first line is the name of the business to which you are sending the mail. The second line should read, “Attention: Ms. Smith,” or whoever you want to receive the mail within the company. The attention line is optional. The next line is optional as well. You can name the business department to which the mail should be delivered. The next line should be the street address. The last line should include the city, state, and zip code. Use a comma to separate the city and state names.
  3. Use black or blue ink to write the addresses by hand. Write in large, block capital letters. This will help the post office machines scan the addresses correctly. If you use a word processor to address the envelope, choose at least 14 point lettering, and use a clear font, like Times New Roman or Arial.
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