How To Adjust Alignment For Series Land Rover

Why pay a mechanic an absurd amount of money when you can learn how to adjust the alignment for the Land Rover series. It's easy to do as long as you have patience and time on your hands. Before you go out and buy the materials needed to adjust alignment your Land Rover make sure you have a level spot on your property. If you do not then you cannot adjust alignment your Land Rover since it is to dangerous to adjust the alignment at an incline. Now if you have a level surface to adjust the alignment your Land Rover on then you are going to need these materials most of which can be found laying around the house. Materials Needed:

  • Chalk

  • Crescent wrench 12”

  • 2×4 wood



  1. Park the car on a flat surface. After you have parked your car put a block behind the rear tire. The next step is to put the car neutral.
  2. Crawl under your Land Rover and use a crescent wrench to turn the top or bottom nut of the tire rod to extent or retract the tire rod.

  3. Take your Land Rover for a test drive. When you drive your Land Rover you should be able to let go of your steering wheel and continue moving in a straight line. Only do this on your street at slow speeds. If your Land Rover is still not align then repeat step 2 and 3 until it is align.

Congratulations, you have finished adjusting the alignment on your Land Rover.

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