How To Adjust Bass Drum Pedals

Knowing how to adjust bass drum pedals can hep ensure that you get the best possible sound out of your bass drum. Both the type of pedal you use and the way in which it is adjusted can affect the resulting sound of the drum, so for just the right resonance, be sure your pedals are adjusted to the perfect angle for the best sound and the most power.

When you adjust your bass drum pedals, you must consider:

  • Angle of the beater
  • Where the beater strikes the drum
  • The number of pedals you are using
  1. Set up your bass drum pedals at the proper angle. When you initially assemble, set up and adjust your bass drum pedals, the beater should be at a forty-five degree angle to the pedal. This allows you to strike the beater against the drum with enough force for a good, solid sound.
  2. Be sure the beater strikes the drum at the center. For the loudest sound and the greatest amount of resonance, the beater should hit the bass drum in the center. This allows the largest possible amount of air to move in the center of the drum, creating the strong, booming sound the bass drum is known for. If the beater strikes off-center, the sound can be much weaker, so adjust the bass drum pedals to strike in the correct place.
  3. For more than one pedal, adjust accordingly. If you use two pedals for your bass drum, place them so that the beaters strike as close to the drum's center as possible.


  • If you need to adjust your bass drum pedals because they have become stiff or difficult to use, you might need to use the key that came with the pedals to adjust the hardware for an easier, more fluid movement.
  • Improper playing technique can also make your drum sound weak or dead. If you adjust your bass drum pedals and still aren't happy with the sound, try refining your foot technique or consulting with a teacher or another drummer for pointers.



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