How To Adjust A Big Screen TV

Need to know how to adjust a big screen tv? Adjusting a big screen TV can help you display the best picture possible from your television. There are built in menus for making adjustments on almost all TVs. You can also use special DVDs designed for adjusting TVs if you have a DVD player hooked up to the TV. These are a great option for achieving the best video. Follow these steps to adjust a big screen TV.

What you will need:

  • DVD Player
  • DVD with video calibration tools
  • TV Remote control
  1. If you do not have a DVD player, buy a DVD with video calibration tools. These can be purchased on the internet and are designed for helping users get the best picture from their television.
  2. Insert the DVD and play it. There should be instructions with the DVD to follow. 
  3. Use the remote control for your TV to access the Video adjustment settings. You may need to check the manual for your specific television if you cannot find these settings, as they are different for most TVs. 
  4. Follow the steps on the video calibration DVD. Some of the settings that you may be able to change on your TV are: contrast, brightness, sharpness, color, tint, and backlight.  Some of these settings may not be available on your TV.  They all help change the way video is displayed, which will be best depending on the environment the TV is in.
  5. To change the audio settings for your TV, you will probably find these settings in the same area in the menus that you use for video settings. These will only be useful if you use the built in speaker on your TV for sound and not a separate surround sound or other type of speaker setup.



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