How To Adjust Breaks On A Mongoose BMX Bicycle

Knowing how to adjust breaks on a Mongoose BMX bicycle can save you money in repair costs. Keeping the brakes in proper working order will help avoid accidents and injuries. Riding without proper brakes can lead to collisions and falls. Taking the bicycle to a repair shop can cost a premium. Learn to adjust your own brakes to assure they are always kept in top shape.

Things you will need for adjusting the brakes on a Mongoose BMX bicycle

  • Pliers
  • 5 mm allen wrench
  • 10 mm wrench
  • Container
  1. Disassemble.  Disconnect the cable from the hand brake handle. There is a small bolt holding it in place. Loosen with the 5mm Allen wrench and unscrew. When adjusting the brakes on a BMX Mongoose bicycle, be careful to not lose the small hardware. Place all nuts, bolts and screws into a container immediately. Once the hardware is removed, gently pull on the cable until it comes out of the bracket.
  2. Loosen the housing. Adjusting the brakes on a BMX mongoose bicycle requires the two bolts on either side of the brake housing be loosened. Turn the bolts clockwise one or two turns until the housing is loose.
  3. Center the housing. When adjusting the brakes on a BMX Mongoose bicycle, press the pads to the rim of the bike then center the housing. The center of the housing should be centered over the tire.
  4. Tighten the housing. Hold the brake housing centered and retighten the two bolts. For adjusting the brakes on a BMX Mongoose bicycle, you may wish to have an assistant help you hold the housing in the center while you tighten.
  5. Reconnect. Reconnect the cable to the hand brake. When adjusting the brakes on a BMX Mongoose bicycle always test the brakes carefully when finished.



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