How To Adjust Bulldog Front Brake On BMX Bike

Learning how to adjust Bulldog front brake on a BMX bike is much like adjusting any brake on a BMX bike. To adjust Bulldog front brakes on BMX bike you need the proper tools. Adjusting front brakes on a BMX also takes the proper skill and mechanical understanding of the task. Adjusting Bulldog front brakes is an elementary task but needs to be done properly. This article will walk you through the proper technique to adjust Bulldog front brakes. It will show you just how easy it is to adjust Bulldog front brakes. Check out the steps below and learn what it takes to adjust Bulldog front brakes at home in your spare time.

What you will need for this adjustment:

  • Bullfrog front brakes
  • BMX bike
  • 5mm Allen Wrench


  1. Begin by removing the brake cable from the front brake. You can do this with your hand by loosening the lock with your hand. Next, pull the cable back from the chamber.  
  2. Take the Allen Wrench and loosen the 5 mm bolt on the housing. Turn the brake away from the tire rim opening to gap. Clean the area with a dry cloth to remove any dust or debris.
  3. Rest the housing by pinching it together against the tire rim. Push the wheel to see if it will turn, if it does tighten your grip. Once it does not release the brake and let it move away from the tire rim.
  4. Hand tighten the 5 mm bolt. Slide the brake cable back into place. Using the hand brake, tighten the brake against the wheel. Slide the brake cable back or forward through the housing.
  5. Continue to use the hand brake. Find the point where it cinches the wheel and move back gradually. Adjust the cable to a point where the brake gradually grips the wheel as you apply pressure to the hand brake.
  6. When you find this point, tighten the brake cable. Next, use the Allen Wrench to tighten down the 5 MM bolt. Take the BMX bike for a test spin and try out your adjusted brakes.



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