How To Adjust Callaway Golf Watches

By keeping some basic guidelines in mind, you can learn about how to adjust Callaway golf watches. Adjusting your watch at home instead of taking it into a repair shop can help save you some hard earned cash.


  • Soft cloth
  • Watch pin removal tool
  • Needle-nose jewelry pliers
  1. Sit down at a clean, flat workspace where you can perform your watchband adjustment without fear of losing the small band components. Select a workspace that is near a source of natural or artificial light to make it easier to see what you're doing. Place a soft cloth on the workspace to prevent the watch from being marred during the link-removal process.
  2. Place your Callaway wrist watch face-down on the prepared workspace. Note the small arrows engraved on the back of some of the band links; they indicate which links can be removed.
  3. Take out the small metal pins between any of the removable links to remove that link from the band. Push the metal pins in the direction indicated by the arrows with a watch pin removal tool or a pointed object such as a thumbtack. The pins are designed to be difficult to remove. If necessary, pry stubborn link pins free with a pair of needle-nose jewelry pliers.
  4. Repeat Step 3 to remove as many links as desired from your Callaway watch band. Take the links from alternating sides of the watch band; this will keep the face of the watch centered.
  5. Reinsert one of the removed metal pins to reassemble your Callaway watch band. Align the end links on both sides of the band and insert the pin. Push the pin all the way in until it is flush with the edge of the stainless steel band.
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