How To Adjust Clutch

Llike anything else, the clutch can get worn down from continual use, so it is your job to understand how to adjust the clutch. Adjusting the clutch will take more than a couple of extra minutes but learning how to adjust the clutch yourself saves you the time and money of having someone else do it. Here are few steps that you should follow to help you adjust your clutch.

  1. What type of clutch do you have? Before trying to make adjustments you should determine whether you have a hydraulic clutch or a cable operated clutch. If it is hydraulic then find the fluid reservoir which can be found in the engine compartment of the car.
  2. Check clutch fluid reservoir. Check to determine what the fluid reservoir level is in the compartment. If it is lower than ¾ full then you should refill it.
  3. Lift clutch pedal to adjust clutch. Nowadays many cars are equipped with a self adjusting clutch device that readjusts by itself once it is pulled forward. If your car does not come with this feature than you can always readjust the clutch by holding it with your foot, moving it towards the seat, and holding it. Make sure that you are content with how the clutch pedal feels after it has been readjusted. 
To readjust the clutch this procedure usually takes around an hour. So set some time aside for this and don’t expect to get in and get out. Now that you have learned to adjust the clutch, put your new found skills to use.
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