How To Adjust Elan Ski Bindings

Do you want to know how to adjust Elan ski bindings? Elan is a Slovenian ski gear manufacturer that has been present in the United States since the early fifties. Its bindings are of great quality and offer great performance. Nowadays you can adjust the distance between the front and the back parts of Elan ski bindings and the system's position in relation to your skis in a very simple way. If your bindings have the TMD system, then just slide the back and front parts of the binding in the rail, and place the locks as instructed. They will pop in and let you go to the slopes in less than a minute. If you're not that lucky, keep reading.

To adjust your Elan ski bindings, you will need:

  • A regular flat screwdriver, about a quarter inch wide and at least five inches long
  • A Phillips screwdriver of the same size
  • A solid table to work on, able to hold the skis with some pressure
  1. Determine the right position for the bindings. To do this, refer to the Elan ski manufacturer for the suggested setting.
  2. Find the flat lever on the back part of the rear binding. It has a "U" shape that faces the ski surface. When lifted, it allows the back part of the binding to slide along a rail.
  3. Place the rear part of the binding in the desired position. Place a boot with the heel in the rear binding slot.
  4. If the front part of the binding is too close to let the boot in, locate the Phillips screw at the base of the front part of the bindings. Loosening this screw will let you slide this part of the binding. The right setting will be one that lets the boot click in and out every time, but not too far or tight.
  5. Locate the safety snap screw at the nose of the front part of the binding. A looser setting is recommended for beginner and lightweight skiers. A tighter setting will not let the boot snap out from the binding as easily, so you can ski harder. But in case of a fall, the skis will stay on, making the risk of injury higher.

Always read the Elan ski manufacturer's instructions, and make sure that your Elan ski bindings are properly set before hitting the slopes. Everything is easier at the shop than on the cold mountain, so don't leave any tasks for later on.

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