How To Adjust For Electrical Conduit Shrinkage

Electrical conduit uses heat shrink tubing which shrinks to fit the electrical wires when heated and how to adjust for electrical conduit shrinkage is the challenge. Heat shrink tubes are used in variety of ways and one is protecting or taping together electrical wirings or cables. The process involves using a heat gun or other recommended means of heating to shrink the tube and adjustments may be needed if the result is not what you desired.

What you need to adjust for electrical conduit shrinkage:

  • Pointed tweezers
  • Pliers (regular, long nose or needle nose)
  • Small screwdrivers
  1. Inspect the electrical conduit or electrical tubing for a possible opening. If the tubing has shrunk to fit the wires try to make an insertion in between the wires and the tubing using the tweezers or small screwdriver.
  2. Push the tweezers or screwdriver further to make more room. This will loosen the conduit a bit.
  3. Move around the circumference of the tubing. Try not to damage the electrical wirings. If you can pull out the wirings already then do so in this way the conduit is easier to adjust.
  4. Use needle nose pliers to expand the electrical conduit. If the conduit is smaller in size you may use the tweezers instead. The tubing may not be back to its original expanded shape but you can work around the adjustment now using a heat gun.

Tips/Warnings: Ensure that the electrical wirings are not plugged or connected to any electricity. Do the adjustments on a well lighted place to prevent any accidents.

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