How To Adjust Garage Door Opener

If you're wondering how to adjust garage door opener, you're in luck. One of the worst things to contend with is a garage door that is not functioning properly. Most of the time you can use the garage door manual system, but this takes time and effort, and generally, you notice a problem when you are rushing to work or other important activity with limited time. Thus, it is important to have your garage door adjustment in proper working order.

Things you need to adjust your garage door opener.

  • Screw driver
  • 2 by 4 wood
  1. Turn the limit adjustment screw clockwise. Do this if your garage door does not open completely but opens roughly 5 feet. Now, if your garage door only closes partially, you will need to turn the down adjustment screw to the counterclockwise position.
  2. Check your garage door opener sensors. If your garage door reverses during closing, your sensor might be blocked or need cleaning. So, locate your sensors and make sure they are not blocked nor need cleaning. The garage door sensors are usually on the bottom of the garage door one on each side, depending on your garage door model and manufacturer. They are identifiable by a solid green light and may have a blinking light if it is not working properly. If you check the sensors and there are nothing blocking the sensors, you need to increase the down force. If your garage doors will not open to approximately 5 feet, then, you would increase the up force.
  3. Test your garage door openers safety reverse system. Do this by placing a 2 by 4 piece of wood across your garage door threshold, and then press the garage door close button.  If your garage door stops and do not go back up immediately, turn the screw on the down limit by one quarter clockwise. Retest your safety reverse system to see if you resolve the problem. It is important to have this garage adjustment feature working because it prevents harm to pets, people and objects that might be in the way when the garage door is closing.

Spending a few minutes adjusting your garage door opener will save you from calling a repair service for simple procedures you can handle in less than an hour. So, do not hesitate to adjust your garage door opener regularly.

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