How To Adjust Headlights Ford Escort

Ever wonder how to adjust headlights on a Ford Escort? Have you been driving down the road at night and feel like your headlights are not working as well as they used to? Do other drivers flash their lights at you when your bright lights are not on? Here are steps how you can adjust the headlights on your Ford Escort.

To adjust headlights on a Ford Escort you will need:

  • Four millimeter socket or wrench
  • Level spot to park car
  1. Make sure the car is parked on a level surface. If the surface is not level you will not be able to aim the headlights correctly.
  2. Open the hood on the car. This will enable you to access the adjusting screws for each headlight.
  3. Locate the horizontal adjustment screw. These are usually located at the rear of the headlight assembly. Using a four millimeter socket or wrench, turn the adjusting screw until it is aligned with the zero.
  4. Locate the vertical adjustment screw. These are usually located on the outside of the headlight just underneath the top attachment. Again, use your four millimeter socket or wrench to adjust the vertical adjustment screw until the bubble in the window of the level is between the red lines.
  5. Repeat on other headlight, if needed.

Congratulations! Your headlights should now be aimed correctly, making night time driving much safer and more pleasant.


  • It helps if you aim your lights at a wall or other flat surface while adjusting them in order to make sure your lights are aligned correctly.
  • If you are not parked on a flat surface, uneven surface will affect where the bubble lands on the aiming device. While the bubble is a guide to assist in adjusting the headlights, it can be off. Using a wall or flat surface to assist in aiming your headlights will help to make sure your headlights are aligned correctly.
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