How to Adjust Honda Accord Headlights

This step-by-step format is easy to follow article and will show you how to adjust Honda Accord headlights. Adjusting the headlights on your Honda Accord yourself will save you both time and money.

To adjust the headlights on a Honda Accord, you will need:

  • a Phillips head screwdriver
  • tire pressure gauge
  • pencil and paper
  • masking tape
  • level ground to park car on approximately 25 feet from the wall
  • a wall
  • assistant  to help who is essentially the same weight as the driver
  • A yardstick or measuring tape

Adjusting the headlights on your Honda Accord is easier to accomplish if you can find a garage with a level floor and a wall you can pull up in front of. If you do not have a garage of your own you may want to use the side of a building with a paved parking lot or a paved  public parking facility that has a wall..

  1. Park car on level ground facing the wall. For best results park the car approximately 25 feet from the wall.
  2. Check the tire pressure in all four tires making sure it is correct. Correct tire pressure can be found in your Honda Accord owner's manual.
  3. Have your assistant sit in the car in the driver's seat.
  4. Find the center point of the driver side headlight and place a small piece of tape on it.
  5. Measure from your marked center point  on the tape to the ground.
  6. Write the measurement on your paper.
  7. Repeat steps four, five, and six on the passenger side light.
  8. Transfer your measurements to the wall making an "x" on the wall the same distance to the ground as you measured for the driver's side.  (This is the alignment mark  your high beams will be centered on so be precise in your measuring.)
  9. Repeat step eight for the passenger's side measurement.
  10. Measure 2.5 inches down from the center of each  "x" and mark an "L" .(This will be your alignment mark for your low beams.)
  11. Unlatch and raise the hood.
  12. Turn on the lights  and click on the high beams.
  13. The center spot of the light beam on the wall should line up with the spot you marked as "x" for each light.  If the beam is not the same height as your "x" you will need to proceed with the adjustment. If the center spot  of the light beam  lines up on the "x" your headlights are properly aligned.
  14. To align the  headlight turn the screw located on the back of the headlight assembly using a Phillips head screwdriver.
  15. Continue turning a little at a time  until your center spot lines up on the "x". Each light must be aligned individually.

Your low beams should shine approximately 2.5 inches below your  marked "x" (high beam spot) . They should line up on the wall on the spot  marked "L". The adjustment screws are easier to reach if you use a screwdriver that is at least eighinches long from tip to handle. Some Accord models will have 2 adjustment screws one for up and down and another for left to right.

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