How To Adjust Hunting Scope

Hunters will never hit the target unless they know how to adjust a hunting scope. Hunting takes a lot of patience and the actual shot takes less than a second. Don't be frustrated by something as simple as not knowing how to adjust a hunting scope. Scopes come in many varieties. Some do more work for you than others. Basic scopes let you focus at a point and have cross hairs you can adjust to match up with your ammunition and gun.

To adjust a hunting scope, you need:

  • Shooting targets
  • Rifle/scope
  • Ammunition
  • Ear protection
  1. Purchase shooting targets. These come in various styles, some have bright portions that will show up when the bullet passes through.
  2. Go to the shooting range. You have to take the rifle, ammunition and scope you will use when hunting to repeat the accuracy you need at the hunt.
  3. Know what distance you are likely to hunt in. If you mainly hunt in short open fields or if you are long distance hunting, you have to know what distance you need for the hunt when adjusting your scope.
  4. Set your targets up at the distance you are likely to hunt.
  5. Get in a shooting position with the rifle on a table or sturdy position. Having the rifle in a stable position removes one part of the variable in getting on target.
  6. Fire at the target. If you don't hit the target you may need to start with targets at a much closer distance and adjust the scope for those distances and then work your way out to the hunting distance you need.
  7. Adjust the scope. The screw points for the cross hairs are usually covered with screw down caps. Adjust the cross hairs very slightly to match how the previous shot was off. If the target shows the shot was low, you need to lower the horizontal cross hair.  If the shot was high, adjust the horizontal higher. If the shot was to the left, adjust the vertical cross hair to the left, and if the shot was to the right, adjust to the right.



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