How To Adjust An Invicta Watch Band

You just purchased and Invicta watch band and you need to know how adjust and Invicta watch band? For some people, Invicta watches fit perfectly when they buy them, but for others the watch might come too big and need to be adjusted to fit comfortably on your wrist. Adjusting a watch yourself instead of taking it to a Jeweler can save you both time and money. You can easily and quickly make the adjustments on an Invicta watch band by following a few simple steps.

 To adjust an Invicta watch band, you will need:

  • lint-free cloth
  • pin removal tool or
  • push pin
  1. Determine how many links to remove. Hold your Invicta watch around your wrist. Find a comfortable length to fit your wrist. Decide how many links you need to remove from your Invicta watch in order for it to fit comfortably around your wrist.
  2. Remove the clasp. Place a lint-free cloth on a flat surface to prevent your Invicta watch from being scratched. There is a spring loaded metal pin that holds the clasp in place. Apply pressure on the pin with the watch pin removal tool or push pin to move the pin over just a little. This will allow you to separate the clasp from the Invicta watch band.
  3. Locate the removal links. Place your watch face down onto the lint-free cloth. On the back of the Invicta watch band look for an arrow showing which links at removable and what directions the link pins need to be removed.
  4. Remove the watch links. Use a watch pin removal tool to push the link in the direction that the arrow shows. Remove the pin completely from the Invicta watch band, and the link from the watch will no longer be attached. Remove as many links as needed by repeating this step.
  5. Reattach the clasp. Push in the spring loaded pin and then fit the clasp and additional Invicta watch band pieces together. Once everything is fit correctly together release the spring loaded pin. This will hold the band in place and the clasp will now be reattached.  



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