How To Adjust LCD TV

Get the perfect picture by learning how to adjust an LCD TV. Watching television should be enjoyable experience without the annoyances of watching shows that have radiating colors or celebrities with pale faces. Once the settings are complete, you will notice a drastic change in the picture quality of your new LCD TV.

  1. Sit in your favorite seat and turn down the lights. It is best to adjust an LCD TV from the spot that you use the most. The distance and visual appearance of the screen from one area of the room might be different than another. Turning the lights down low will also give you the best visual effect as you go through each setting. 
  2. Use the remote. Press the menu button on the remote, and proceed to the ‘picture’ or ‘video’ settings menu.
  3. Choose from the color temperature options. Your LCD TV will most likely have three choices for color temperature. Click through the low, warm, and normal options to determine which setting you prefer.  
  4. Determine the best brightness level. This setting is also known as the black level. Decrease the brightness until everything turns black and then increase it until the picture comes in clear. If possible, turn on a show that has a lot of black or darkness in the background to help you make this LCD TV adjustment.
  5. Pick the best contrast setting. Also known as the white level, this setting is easiest to determine by turning on a show that has a lot of colors and light. Start by turning the contrast up high, and slowly move the contrast to a lower setting until you notice the different tones within a color. Move slowly with this setting as each click of the remote will make a huge difference in appearance.
  6. Choose your color saturation level. Faces can be used to help determine the best saturation level. Increase and decrease this level until the faces on the show have a natural skin tone. If the faces look washed out, increase the level, and if the faces look unrealistic, decrease the level.
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