How To Adjust Marker M900 Ski Bindings

Do you want to know how to adjust Marker M900 ski bindings? The M900 is the most cost efficient bindings by Marker, providing great features for the mid level skier for a low price. The Marker M900 is available in most markets and is quick and easy to set.

To adjust Marker M900 ski bindings, you will need:

  • A regular flat screw driver, 1/4 " wide will be enough.
  • A solid table, able to withstand the weight of the skis, boots and some pressure.
  • The boots that will be used with the bindings.

To adjust Marker M900 ski bindings, you have to:

  1. Place one ski on the table.
  2. Put the tip of a boot in the front part of the binding.
  3. Put some pressure on the heel of the boot.
  4. If the boot sits on top of the back part of the binding, then that back part must be moved backwards. 
  5. Find, on the back side of the back part of the binding, a metal gate that sits between a pair of rails. It can be lifted with the screwdriver. When lifted, this gate allows the back part of the binding to slide back and forward.
  6. With the back part of the binding in open position, this is horizontal and ready to receive the boot, measure the right length for the boot.
  7. When the binding is in the right position, release the gate by removing the screwdriver, and check that the binding is locked.

Now, you´re ready for the slopes. Always remember to check your M900 ski bindings before you head up the mountain. Everything is easier at the skishop than atop ho the hill.

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