How To Adjust A Nike Watch Band

Learning how to adjust a Nike watch band is fairly simple and straight forward, but you can also be creative allowing for further adjustment as well. Not everyone wants a watch band to fit the same way around his or her wrist. Some people like watches to be tight and secure, while others may prefer a looser fit. No matter what you are looking for, you can adjust your Nike watch band to fit the style you desire.

  1. Before you adjust your Nike watch band, you need to decide how you want it to fit around your wrist. If you want it tight, then you will need to pull the band around your wrist until it feels secure enough for your desire. If you have a small wrist this might require you to pull it all the way to the last hole, but a larger wrist may be somewhere closer to the middle of all of the holes.
  2. You can make minor adjustments to your Nike watch band so that it can fit any wrist size. If your wrist happens to be too small for a regular Nike watch band, you can cut holes further along the band in order to allow you to wear the watch band tighter. The same thing can be done if your wrist is too large for the Nike watch band.
  3. You can put adhesive Velcro on your Nike watch band to make adjusting it much quicker and more effective. A Velcro strip will allow you to wear the band at exactly the tightness with which you desire. It is also much quicker than having to find the right hole to tighten the band with.
  4. You can take your Nike watch band to any watch store and they can adjust it for you. Tell them how you want it to fit and they will be able to recommend whether you will need a new watch band, or they will be able to fix the band so that it can adjust the way that you want.
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