How To Adjust The Picutre Quality Of A 37 Inch LCD TV Samsung

Once you know how to adjust the picture quality of a 37 inch LCD TV Samsung, you will get a lot more pleasure while watching it. It is not difficult, and following these guidelines will make it even more simple. Grab the remote control and get to it.

What you will need to adjust the picture quality of a 37 inch LCD TV Samsung:

  • The TV
  • The remote control for the TV
  1. Navigate to the picture adjustment screen. On the remote control, press Menu. That will bring up a menu that gives you several options. Picture is the default. When Picture is highlighted in the menu, you will see several things that can be adjusted: Backlight, Contrast, Brightness and so on. You do not need to deal with these. There are easier ways to adjust the picture quality of a Samsung LCD TV.
  2. Select the picture mode. By pressing the right arrow on the remote, you can select the Mode for the picture. It is the first option. Your choices are Standard, Dynamic and Movie. Pressing the right arrow twice allows you to choose one of those settings. Standard provides the right picture settings for a normal room. Dynamic adjusts the picture for a bright room and Movie darkens and enriches the picture for a darker room. Navigate to each setting by pressing the up and down arrows. As you do that, you will automatically see the difference in the picture. Highlight the one you want, then press the left arrow to get out of that menu until Picture is highlighted again.
  3. Adjust the Setup settings. Adjusting the Setup settings is optional, but may come in handy in certain situations. Go back to the Menu screen. Using the down arrow on the remote, scroll down to Setup. Use the right arrow to scroll to the menu options. Use the down arrow to scroll down to Entertainment. Use the right arrow to move into the Entertainment menu. You will see Off, Sports, Cinema and Games. Off is the default setting. Sports will provide a brighter picture, Cinema a darker one and Games is for video games. Scroll through those and chose the one you like, or leave it at the default of Off. You can always come back later to make adjustments.

As you were scrolling through the options, you may have seen the other options mentioned–Brightness, Contrast, etc. These can be difficult to adjust correctly. The built-in features described here should take care of anything you want. However, should you decide to experiment with all of the other options and end up not liking the picture, just go back to the picture menu, scroll down until you see Reset, scroll to the right and press OK. That will put the picture quality of a 37 inch LCD TV Samsung back to the original factory settings.

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