How To Adjust The Picutre Quality Of A Samsung 50 Inch LCD TV

Do you need to know how to adjust the picture quality of a Samsung 50 inch LCD TV to get the best picture viewing? It does not matter what type of TV you have, if you have bad picture quality it can ruin the entire TV. Picture quality is important because it will enable you to enjoy all the benefits of watching the best picture possible on your television. Follow the steps below to learn how to properly adjust the picture quality of a Samsung 50 inch LCD TV.

To adjust the picture quality of a Samsung 50 inch LCD TV you need:

  • Samsung LCD TV
  • Samsung remote control
  1. Make sure the television is installed properly. Refer to the manufacturers directions if you need additional instructions. Plug in all the components such as, DVD player and cable box, and then turn on the Samsung 50 inch LCD TV.
  2. Pull up the "Picture" menu. Press the "Menu" button on the Samsung TV remote control. The "Options" Menu for your TV should pop up. To select the "Picture" Menu press "Enter" on the remote.
  3. Select the options you want to adjust by pressing the "Up" and "Down" buttons on the remote. The main picture options that you can select from are Backlight, Brightness, Color, Contrast, Picture Mode, Sharpness, and Tint. Highlight the option that you want to adjust on your Samsung 50 inch LCD TV, and then press the "Enter" button.
  4. Change the values of the options you have selected by using the arrow buttons on the remote.  Pressing the "Up" and "Down" or "Left" and "Right" buttons will allow you to properly change and adjust the picture quality.  Play around with the settings until you are completely satisfied with the look of the picture on your Samsung 50 inch LCD TV. Press the "Exit" key to get back to the "Picture Menu" once you are satisfied.  When you are done with all the adjustments, press "Exit" to close out the Tools Menu.    
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