How To Adjust Quartz Watch Speed

Lost deep in musings of all your life’s accomplishments, the look of satisfaction is transformed to one of disappointment as you acknowledge that, ‘how to adjust quartz watch speed,’ is not among them. Then, suddenly a look of determination glints from your eyes, and you delve once more into your horology periodical.    

The best place to begin to learn how to adjust quartz watch speed is with the basics. Quartz movement is powered by a battery working in conjunction with a quartz crystal. The electrical current emitted from the battery passes through the crystal causing it to oscillate at 32,768 electrical vibrations per second. The oscillating crystal drives a step motor, which consists of a winder, stator, rotor, tribe rotor and magnets. The stepper system, in turn, powers the three gears of the gear train, which in turn moves the watch hands at a continual rate to keep accurate time.  

The hallmark of a good quartz watch is its accuracy, which is within 0.5 to 2 seconds per day. The pros of a battery powered quartz watches are; they need no winding up, fewer adjustments, and gears seldom need lubricating. However, under certain conditions quartz watch speed may slow down or speed up, and quartz watch speed may need adjusting.    

“How to Adjust Quartz Watch Speed”

  1. Before going forward with quartz watch speed adjustments eliminate possible reasons for time inaccuracies.  When a quartz watch is exposed to a strong magnetic field, like MRI and x-ray equipment, quartz watch speed may be affected, or watch may even stop.  But when removed from the magnetic field time accuracy will return.
  2. Is your watch quartz movement adjusted or unadjusted?   Read manufacturer’s watch instructions to determine if quartz watch movement has been “adjusted” to ensure daily error rate while watch is in differing positions.  Or, “unadjusted” when no attempt has been made counteract time accuracy when watch is in varying positions. Common examples of watch adjustments are: 1 and 2 (face up and crown down), 7 (dial up), 9 (dial down).     If, “unadjusted” attempt to correct watch speed adjustment through varying watch positions.
  3. Is it time for professional tune-up?   The quartz movement is battery powered, and with diminished battery strength, time inaccuracies will occur.   Quartz watches should be serviced every 1 ½ years.  During routine overhaul have battery changed, gears lubricated and cleaned, and have watch crystal replaced.

Your timepiece is an essential part of your day, whether at work, play or in a social setting, and if it doesn’t keep accurate time it is no more than a useless piece of jewelry.  So, after you’ve done all within your sphere of understanding, to ensure your timepiece operates efficiently for many years, take your watch to a professional. 



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