How To Adjust A Raymond Weil Tradition Watch

If you are asking yourself how to adjust a Raymond Weil Tradition watch, you can find the right steps here. This is a very expensive and luxurious watch made in Switzerland. The designs are classic and elegant. This Swiss exclusive timepiece is made with selected noble materials, such as stainless steel or gold. As one of the most valued accessories for men, this watch is a symbol of tradition, status and comfort.

  1. Tradition Watch Main setting. As any other Traditional model it comes with a screw-down crown. It has three basic positions. The first one is normal, where no changes can be made. For the third position do the same procedures and turn the crown forwards or backwards to move the handles. After all the adjustment part put back the crown to the first position.
  2. Tradition Watch Date Setting. In order to adjust the date, turn the crown counterclockwise until it pops out. Gently pull on the first level, where you'll feel a slight stop. Adjust rotate the crown to set the desired date on your Raymond Weil Tradition watch.
  3. Tradition Watch Time Setting. If you want to set the time, you should pull on the crown all the way. You should be able to adjust the time by rotating the crown and setting the hands to the desired hour and minute. In order to have the exact time, though, you should wait until the second hand reaches zero. Then, pull the crown all the way so that the mechanism stops. Adjust to your preferred time. Press the crown all the way down, and screw clockwise until fully tightened.
  4. Raymond Weil Tips. Remember that the battery lasts almost three years. You can check the End Of Life Indicator to see if it needs future replacement. When unscrewing the crown, be careful not to be near water or dust, because these elements can potentially damage your timepiece. Try not to use  the strap too tightly. Also, try to avoid sudden changes in temperature as these can cause condensation inside the watch, posing a risk to the mechanism inside.
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