How To Adjust A Schwinn Derailer On A Bicycle

You need to get your shifting gears back in tack and need to know how to adjust a Schwinn derailer on a bicycle. A big sign that an adjustment for your derailer is needed is that your bike hesitates to adjust during shifts. Either the shifter or the chain may not change or engage like it is supposed to. Most likely, the shifting on your bicycle has been stretched or affected and the derailer may not move far enough when you click the sifter. Here are some basic steps on how to adjust a Schwinn derailer on a bicycle.

To learn how to adjust a Schwinn derailer on a bicycle you need:

  • screwdriver
  1. Shift the chain to the largest chain ring and the smallest rear sprocket possible. Once both ends have been moved on your bicycle check the tension on the rear inner wire with your fingers by gently pulling on it. If the tension feels to tight, turn the barrel adjuster clockwise, which is located on the rear derailer back end.
  2. Shift the inner wire back into its original position. With your hands pedal the bicycle as quickly as possible at a fast pace between 50 and 60 RPM, and then pull the inner wire to manually shift the bike inward one sprocket. When the sprocket shifts, release the inner wire and this will shift it back to its original position.
  3. Adjust the "H-limit" screw. This screw will have the letter "H" near it or on it. Once you locate the "H-limit" screw tighten the screw by turning it a quarter turn at a time. After each turn, pedal and then check the shift until it becomes slow. When the screw becomes slow loosen it a little at a time until it shifts cleanly. If the screw starts off too tight, loosen it a quarter turn at a time and manually pedal to test it until it shifts properly.
  4. Shift the bike to the middle chain ring and the second to innermost rear sprocket. Just like before, pedal the bicycle by hand, making sure to maintain a fast pace between 50 and 60 RPM.  While you pedal, pull the inner wire to shift the Schwinn derailer on the bicycle inward. Be aware if the shift is smooth or rough and choppy.
  5. Locate the "L-limit" screw. This screw will have the letter "L" near it or on it. If the manual shift seems to be ok, begin to tighten the "L-limit" screw a quarter turn to check to make sure that the shifting is in good working order. If the shifting seems to be a little too stiff loosen the "L-limit" screw. Keep loosening the screw until it moves at a quick, smooth pace from sprocket to sprocket.



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