How To Adjust Sensitivity On An iPod Nano

If you want to learn how to adjust the sensitivity on your iPod Nano then go get your iPod and brace yourself. It is very simple. All you need is a computer with iTunes installed and an update download. The update download is listed below. Once you have that you can now adjust your iPod Nano with a simple update to the operating system. The process will allow you to adjust the sensitivity of the interactions and levels of volume. Each step is clearly listed.

  1. Go to the apple homepage.
  2. Download the software update for volume sensitivity at to your local computer.
  3. Back up all of your music and files.
  4. Now install the software update after connecting your iPod to the computer.
  5. Reset the iPod and install your back up files and music.

These steps allow you to easily adjust your iPod Nano sensitivity to the comfort level that you need. It is a simple update that allows you to be adjusted based on the volume level. The higher that you set your volume then the higher your sensitivity will be on the iPod Nano. You are in complete control of your iPod.

It's that easy. While people complain that the iPod Nano is not easy to control, you can smile knowing that they are wrong. Keep it as your secret or share it with others. Either way you decide, now you know how to adjust the sensitivity of your iPod Nano. Sit back and enjoy your tunes.

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