How To Adjust A Shimano 21 Speed Bicycle

Not sure how to adjust your Shimano 21 speed bicycle? If that sounds like you, instead of taking your bicycle to the nearest bicycle repair shop and spending a lot of money to get it adjusted, why not print out this how-to guide and pay for the parts you need? If this sounds like a good idea, take the following list of materials to the store.

Materials needed:

  • Five millimeter Allen wrench
  • Needle nose pliers
  1. The first step to adjusting your new Shimano 21 speed bicycle is to adjust the rear derailleur. This is done by using a five millimeter Allen wrench to loosen the anchor bolt. Once you have loosened the anchor you can move onto the next step.
  2. The next step to adjusting your Shimano 21 speed bicycle is to pull the cable through the anchor until it is tight. Once the anchor is tight all you need to is tighten the anchor bolt.
  3. The third step is to adjust the front derailleur. You may think adjusting the front derailleur is like adjusting the rear one. Wrong. As you can tell from the first step, instead of loosening an anchor, you are going to change the bike's front gears to the lowest gear. After you have done that, adjust the front derailleur just like you adjusted the rear ones. 

Congratulations! You have finished adjusting your Shimano 21 speed bicycle. Perhaps you found out that adjusting a Shimano 21 speed bicycle is just like adjusting a regular bike!



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