How To Adjust Shimano Gears

To keep your bike running smoothly, you need to know how to adjust Shimano gears. Adjusting these gears will keep your ride smooth and balanced and will also increase the safety of your bike. The following guide will help you adjust Shimano gears.

To adjust Shimano gears, you will need:

  • Your bike
  • A bike stand
  • An Allen wrench
  1. To adjust your Shimano gears, first check the cable to make sure it is free of problems. Replace the cable if it is broken or kinked. You should also remove any slack from the cable for a smoother ride.
  2. Next, prop the bike up on a bike stand or platform so that you can spin the rear wheel and push on the pedals. Check the cogs of your Shimano gears for any signs of wearing. Replace any cogs that appear to be worn out. Additionally, you should check the chain for any damage. The chain should be realigned if it is not running through the cogs properly. The chain should be replaced if it is rusted or broken.
  3. Tighten the tuning barrel as tight as you can with your Allen wrench. Turn the tuning barrel to the left while using your hands to push the pedals. Count how many turns it takes before the chain jumps to the next cog. Divide the number of turns by two and turn the tuning barrel in the opposite direction for that number of turns.
  4. Continue to adjust the bike, making very small turns on the tuning barrel. Eventually the bike will be running smoothly, and your Shimano gears will be adjusted.
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