How To Adjust Skagen Watches

If your Skagen watch is too small and constricting or too large and slides around on your wrist, you may be wondering how to adjust Skagen watches. Skagen's slim designs and mesh bands are what really sets them apart from other brands. You can have your Skagen watch band adjusted at the retailer or jewelers, or adjust it yourself using the following method.

You will need:

  • Skagen watch with mesh band

  • Watch sizing tool

  1. Remove your watch and leave it open. When you lift the clasp to open your watch, you'll notice that it has a curved piece that fits over a bar and clamps down. The side of the clasp that has the bar and is clamped into is the one that will be adjusted on your Skagen watch.

  2. Lay your watch flat. Position your watch with the face up with the clock facing the correct direction for you to read it. On the top strap, the clasp curves under. On the bottom strap there is a place for that clasp to hook on and into. You will move the piece on the bottom strap in order to adjust your Skagen watch band. Lift the tab and examine this clasp. You will see a small opening, or slot, in the inside at the center of a metal strip.

  3. Position a watch sizing tool in the slot on the lower clasp and lift. The metal strip will pull up and open like a hinged door.

  4. Slide the clasp. You can then slide the clasp along the bottom strap of your watch. Move the clasp closer to the watch face and the band will be smaller when you are finished. Move the clasp lower and away from the watch face and the band will be larger when you are finished. Adjust your Skagen watch by positioning the clasp to achieve your best fit.

  5. Clamp the metal strip back down to secure the clasp. Once you have slid the clasp to the desired position on the watch band, clamp the metal strap that you previously lifted back down to secure the clasp and complete the adjustment of your Skagen watch.


  • To keep the process simple, avoid sliding the clasp completely off the end of the watch band.
  • Adjust your Skagen watch and enjoy wearing it comfortably. You can now appreciate Skagen's slim stylish look with a proper fit. In addition to looking fashionable, you'll be able to check for the time with convenience and ease.
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