How To Adjust Skateboard Trucks

Learning how to adjust skateboard trucks will help keep the right feel for the rider. Adjusting trucks is an easy operation that requires very little by way of tools and ability. Adjusting trucks will be based solely on the preference of the skateboard rider. The trucks provide the turn radius and comfort level while riding, so having the proper truck adjustment is important. There are many styles of trucks and bearings, but adjustment still boils down to the comfort level and rider's preference. Check out these easy-to-follow instruction on how to adjust trucks on a skateboard.

To adjust trucks on a skateboard, you will need:

  • A skateboard
  • A skateboard tool or other properly-sized tool
  1. Place the skateboard upside down, trucks facing upward, and laying flat. Inspect the skateboard trucks, both sets, to ensure they are in good operating order. Inspect for cracks, lodged debris or other signs of wear.
  2. After inspection, test the give on the trucks (how much they move from side to side). Decide if more or less give is needed. Take the skateboard tool or properly-sized wrench and adjust the trucks. The bolt or kingpin is located in the middle for the truck axle, usually to the rear.
  3. Turning the tool or wrench to the left will loosen the truck and give a tighter turn. Turning to the right will tighten the trucks, reduce the tightness of the turn and increase the radius. After making the initial adjustment, place the skateboard on the ground, wheels first.
  4. Test it out; if it is to the rider's liking then you are finished. If not, return the skateboard to the workbench and continue with minor adjustments until the happy point is met.
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