How To Adjust Ski Bindings To Boots

By keeping some basic guidelines in mind, you can learn how to adjust ski bindings to boots. This process is relatively simple, and is effective in both providing security and comfort to skiiers.

  1. Before adjusting ski bindings, you must determine what your DIN number is. This number is a composite score of your age, height, weight, boot size, and skiing ability level. Ski shops typically contain charts that will allow you to determine your DIN number, though you can also easily find one by searching for the terms "DIN chart" online. It is important to remember than when measuring boot length, you should measure the total distance from the toe to the heel on the outside of the boot.
  2. Look for a screw on the front of your binding. This can be changed with a screwdriver to the proper DIN setting, which is a numbered system. Move the screw on the front of your binding until the correct DIN number is visible.
  3. While wearing your ski boots, carefully step into the skis. Make sure that the rear binding and the boot create a tight fit, with no slippage. If the fit feels good, follow the same process outlined in step two to adjust the screw on the back of the binding to the proper DIN number. Try the skis out on a flat surface for comfort and security before heading downhill. If any changes need to be made, it is better to do them at the bottom of the hill than trying to fix them halfway through your ride.





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