How To Adjust Snowboard Bindings

Learning how to adjust your bindings on your snowboard can save you time and frustration. Adjusting snowboard bindings is not the same as skis. Adjusting snowboard bindings is a simple process. The adjustment of the bindings is based on your personal stance and angle preferences. This makes the adjustment of bindings a personal choice surrounding your comfort and style. Let’s take a look at how to adjust bindings on your snowboard.

Things you will need the following to adjust snowboard bindings.

  • Snowboard
  • Snowboard boots
  • Bindings
  • Snowboard tool.

These are the steps to adjust bindings on a snowboard.

  1. Set the snowboard on the floor. Stand behind the snowboard as if to ride it. Look at the position of your feet and translate that to the snowboard.
  2. Pick up the snowboard and place it on a workbench or table. Check the angle marking on the bindings. Take note of the angle that best fits the angle of your feet from before.
  3. Pick up the snowboard tool (an inexpensive ratcheting screwdriver tool (compact). Unscrew the bindings, being careful not to totally dethatch the bindings from the base.
  4. Once the bindings are at the desired angle, tighten the screws. Place the snowboard on the ground and strap in. Test the feel by squatting and moving your feet back and forth. The feel should be tight and comfortable. If this your desired fit, then you are done.
  5. If the fit is not to your liking, repeat from step two.

Tip: Buy a snowboard tool, they are cheap, compact and will come in hand on the slopes. Check online, there are several reparable dealers available.



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