How To Adjust An St-3300 Shimano

The Shimano St-3300 is a dual action control lever actuating the brakes like a conventional brake lever, which needs to be adjusted properly to derive maximum benefits out of it and for that one needs to know how to adjust a St-3300 Shimano. The Shimano St-3300 helps to shift the gears when moved inwards towards the central line of the bicycle. Hence, gear shifting is now possible without ever taking your hands off the brake hoods or drops. Make your bike ride enjoyable by adjusting your St-3300 shifters at home.

To adjust a St-3300 Shimano, you will need: 

  • Shifting lever St-3300

  • Wrench set

  • A set of pliers

  • Job stand

  1. First, mount the bicycle to be adjusted on a job stand. The purpose is to enable to work upon the bicycle when it is immobile. In the event that the job stand is not available, set it on its kick stand.
  2. The second step is to make the cable stop bolts loose on the left and the right derailleur with the aid of a hex wrench set. After that, twist the barrel adjusters in the clockwise direction with your fingers so as to tighten it on each shifter in a manner that it is toward the shifter body rather than away from it.
  3. Next step is to drag the front derailleur cable with the aid of pliers. Continue doing so until the point is reached where it is tight under the cable stop. Then, also tighten the cable stop so that it does not play loose.
  4. After that, do similar adjustments for the rear derailleur. With the help of pliers, pull the rear derailleur cable till it is stretched tight beneath the cable stop. Attempt to make tight the real derailleur cable stop till the point that it does not play loose.
  5. The last step is to ensure that the St-3300 dual action shifters are adjusted as required or considered necessary. For this purpose, roll the cranks of the bicycle, which is set up on the job stand, forward. In case of the bicycle, which is merely set up on the kick stand, take it for a ride to test it. Whatever the case may be, shift through every gear on the left and right shifters to see if there is a missed shift or an over-shift. In case the shifter is too stiff and shifts two or more gears at a time, slightly slacken the cable under the cable stop. But in case if the shifter is too slack or free and misses shifts or makes no shift at all, spin the barrel adjuster on the shifter in a manner that is counter-clockwise with a view to tighten the cable.

A very useful tip is to note that you must be pedaling with the aim to shift. Also when you shift, try to relieve the strain off the pedals; especially when you are heading downhill. In case you are close to uphill, you need to foresee the want to shift, pedal a small number of times to pick up a little speed and then ease off the pedal strain and change into an easier gear.

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