How To Adjust A Tag Heuer Watch Band

Need to know how to adjust a Tag Heuer watch band? There are several types of bands which Tag Heuer uses on their watches. Normal straps are fairly self-explanatory to adjust, but they also use a strap with a deployant clasp which can be a bit trickier. A deployant clasp is a metal clasp which attaches the two separate ends of the strap permanently, and allows the user to put on and take off the watch by simply slipping it on and closing the clasp without having to thread a strap though a buckle. The purpose for such a strap is speed, and the ease it provides to those with limited mobility to put on and take off a watch. This is the type of strap and clasp discussed in this article.

  1. Inspect band.  Look at the inside of your Tag Heuer watch strap. The deployant clasp will be attached to the end of one strap by a spring bar, just like a normal strap buckle. The other end, the end with the holes for buckle adjustments, will be held in place by a peg stuck into one of the adjustment holes.
  2. Use a spring bar tool to open the clasp. You will see a bar holding the strap in place on the peg, or you will see a bar with the peg attached to it which is pressed into the hole. Slip the end of the spring bar under the bar and pry it up gently. In the case where the peg is attached to the bar it will pull out of the leather.
  3. Adjust strap. Pull strap upwards off the peg if it did not come out when moving the retaining bar. Slide the strap in or out until the next hole is in place for the peg to enter. Press the leather strap down onto the peg, or push the bar closed to push the peg into the hole.
  4. Try on fit. Slip your Tag Heuer watch over your wrist and close the deployant clasp to check the fit of the band. If it is good, you are done, if it is not repeat this process.

You have now successfully adjusted the watch band on your fine Tag Heuer watch. Remember to clean off any fingerprints you got on the watch while doing so. You always want it to look its best.  

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