How To Adjust A Timex Self Adjustable Bracelet

Here are instructions for how to adjust a Timex self adjustable bracelet. You can easily adjust a Timex self adjustable bracelet with the proper tools and a steady hand. While adjusting your bracelet, you should follow the proper procedure so that you can avoid damaging your watch.

If you have a Timex self adjustable bracelet with a sliding clasp, you can  adjust the clasp to the right position by lifting the locking plate, sliding the clasp to fit into a groove and closing the clasp. Please read how to adjust a Timex self adjustable bracelet with a sliding clasp below.

  1. Examine the clasp. You will see that there is a locking plate inside of the clasp. The locking plate folds from the clasp onto the bracelet and holds the clasp in place. Look behind the clasp inside of the bracelet and you should see grooves that the clasp rests on. The purpose for the grooves being on the bracelet is so that the clasp can hold onto the grooves so that clasp stays in place.
  2. Insert a sharp object into the hole of the locking plate. You will be using the sharp object to lift up on the locking plate just enough to lift the locking plate away from the bracelet. 
  3. Slide the clasp to the desired position. You need to slide the clasp while holding down lightly on the locking plate. Doing so will allow the clasp to hook into the grooves on the inside of the bracelet. The clasp must rest on one of these grooves in order to close the locking plate.
  4. Close the locking plate. Close the locking plate with your fingers. If the locking plate does not close easily, make sure that the clasp is set into a groove properly. Do not force the locking plate to close as this can damage the watch.

Adjusting a Timex self adjustable bracelet with a fold over clasp can be a bit challenging since you will be removing a spring bar from the bracelet and clasp. Please see instructions below.

  1. Examine the clasp. Locate the part of the bracelet that connects to the clasp. You are looking for the flexible part of the bracelet that connects to the clasp with a spring bar.
  2. Push the spring bar out of the clasp. The spring bar should be pushed from the clasp with a sharp object. Be careful not to let the spring bar spring out of  the clasp. You can push on the spring bar gently and tilt the bracelet a little to the side to release the bracelet from the clasp.
  3. Adjust the bracelet to the desired size. Slide the bracelet to the desired length on the clasp and insert the spring bar and bracelet back into the clasp using the same technique that you used while removing them. If the spring bar and bracelet are outside of the clasp, you can place one end of the spring bar in one hole and use the flat side of a thin knife to press the spring bar down to insert it back into the clasp. 

Removing links from a Timex self adjustable bracelet is simple, but you may have to use a little force. See instructions below.

  1. Insert a sharp object into the hole on the links. Look on the inside of the bracelet and each link contains a hole. There are arrows next to each hole. Take a sharp object and push the pin out of the link in the direction of the arrows. You may need to push on the pins hard in order to remove them.
  2. Remove the links.  Remove the desired amount of links so that your bracelet will fit properly.
  3. Place the bracelet back together and insert a pin into the link. Make sure that the pin is fully inserted back into the link.



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