How To Adjust TV For Best Picture

Purchasing a brand new TV is wonderful, but once you get it home you have to know how To Adjust TV for the best picture. You can easily purchase a TV based on the display that you saw in the store, and once you get your TV home you realize the picture it does not look like the display did in the store. That is because to get the perfect picture you have to set the perfect picture. You have to remember that when a TV is pulled out of the box it is at the default manufacturer setting. So even if you purchase the greatest high definition TV in the word and have not adjusted the settings, you won't get the perfect picture that you think it should have. There are some setting changes that you need to do first in order to adjust your TV for the best picture.

  1. Adjust the brightness control or the black level. With the brightness level you want to adjust the image to look as dark as possible, but still good enough to see the details in the shadows to get the best picture. To do this, turn the brightness level down as dark as it can get, and then slowly start to turn it up until you can see image and still see the details of it.
  2. Adjust the contrast level or the white level. Set the contract level as high as possible, and then slowly start to turn the contrast level down until you can see as many details as possible. You don't want the whites to be so bright that it washes out the details. Again, you want to be able to see the image a clear as possible for the best picture.
  3. Adjust the sharpness level. The sharpness level has to do with how crispy and clean the image is to get the best picture. Turn the sharpness control all the way down and slowly turn it up until the image appears crisp, soft and clean. Be careful not to set the sharpness so high that you see halos around the images and letters on the screen.
  4. Tweak the color, tint, or saturation. Adjust the overall color and quality of the image. You don't want the images to look too reddish or bluish. The image should have a warm color and feel to it. The middle range for the color is usually a good setting in order to get the best picture.


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