How To Adjust The Valves on a 96 Dodge V10

Whether it is fitted to your Ram or to your Viper, the 1996 Dodge V10 engine needs regular attention so it's helpful to know how to adjust the valves on a 96 Dodge V10. In fact, all cars over time lose a little power and start to burn up more fuel. An easy fix is to adjust the valves back to the factory settings. This ensures that the combustion chamber is sealed as the valves are properly seated. If the valves do not open and close correctly, then fuel economy and performance will be less than normal.

The tools you will need to adjust the valves on a 1996 Dodge V10 are:

  • 12 mm socket
  • Socket wrench
  • Feeler gauges
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Spark plug wrench

Here's how to do it:

  1. With the engine cold, lift the hood and remove the negative battery lead. Undo the air filter housing and pipes, fully removing them.
  2. Next, remove the small cross-head screws holding the rocker covers on. Carefully remove it, making sure that the gasket does not split (or a new one will be needed).
  3. Starting at the front of the engine, nearest to the radiator, locate the lock nut for the rocker arm. Undo it and adjust the rocker arm screw, using a feeler gauge between the rocker arm and the push-rod spring.
  4. Repeat this for each and every rocker arm. Remember, when you re-tighten the lock nut, this will affect the gap you have just set, so back off the adjustment a slight way as the lock nut will tighten it back up.
  5. Refit the rocker cover with a new gasket if the old one is damaged or perished. Start by tightening the inside screws first, working your way outwards in a criss-cross fashion to avoid warping the rocker cover. Refit the air filter and any hoses you needed to remove. Refit the negative battery terminal and make sure it is tight enough.
  6. Start the car up and rev it up slightly. You might even be able to tell from listening whether the valves seem different. Take the car for a drive, and you will be able to feel the reclaimed performance. And, after a while, the fuel efficiency will be more to factory standards.
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