How to Adjust Valves on a Honda

The performance on your Honda hasn't been at its best and you need to know how to adjust valves on a Honda? Engine wear and tear can cause for a car to run poorly and its quality to be affected. A valve adjustment is a tune-up procedure that enhances your cars performance. When you adjust the valves on your Honda, you have to be careful to adjust each of the four valves the same way. With the right tools and following these steps, it is actually not that difficult to adjust valves on a Honda.

To Adjust valves on a Honda you will need:

  • open ended wrenches
  • flathead screwdriver
  • socket set
  • feeler gauge set
  • valve cover gasket
  1. Remove all the spark plugs, covers and gaskets. Remove the valve cover and the valve cover gasket that is from the cylinder head on your Honda. Remove the timing cover from the engine so that you can see the timing marks. Also remove all of the spark plugs.
  2. Rotate the engine with the socket. Rotate the engine to top dead center of the number cylinder compression stroke or piston. Place a screwdriver into the spark plug opening to find out when the top dead center is at its highest point. Stop the crankshaft pulley when the timing mark is straight up and aligned with the top dead center.
  3. Check the valve clearance for number on cylinder. You can double check the service manual to check the specifics for each valve based upon your specific year and model of your Honda. The exhaust valve clearance will be different from the intake valve clearance. Loosen the lock nut and slide the proper thickness of the feeler gauge under the valve. Tighten the adjuster screw until there is a slight pull on the feeler gauge, but enough space to comfortably remove the feeler gauge. Adjust the intake and exhaust valves to the proper settings on the number one cylinder.
  4. Rotate the valves for the number three cylinder. Turn the crankshaft a half turn 180 degrees counterclockwise on your Honda. The cam gear timing mark will be at 90 degrees from straight up. Adjust the intake and the exhaust valves on the number three cylinder.
  5. Rotate the valve on the number four cylinder. Turn the crankshaft counterclockwise another a half turn, an additional 180 degrees. The timing mark will now be pointing straight down. Adjust the intake and the exhaust valves on the number four cylinder,
  6. Rotate the valve on the number two cylinder. Turn the crankshaft one more time another 180 degrees. Adjust the intake and the exhaust valves on the number two cylinder.
  7. Replace the valve cover with the new gasket. Replace the timing cover back over the engine, and replace the spark plugs. Start your car up and go for your new ride in your Honda. 
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