How Adjust Volume On A Nokia 1661

Need to know how to adjust volume on your Nokia 1661? The Nokia 1661 can have the volume adjusted for the in call volume while on a call. The Nokia 1661 also enables you to adjust the volume of the ringtone of the phone. The volume adjustment is simple and straightforward for each but the process is different. If you have a Nokia 1661, take these simple steps when your volume is in need of adjustment.

  1. Use the left and right navigation keys. If you are on a call, you can adjust the call volume with the navigation keys. Pushing only the right navigation key raises the call volume, and using the left navigation key lowers the call volume. 
  2. Use the Menu. If you are not on a call, you can adjust the volume of the Nokia 1661 by using its integrated menu. At the main screen, select "Menu". Scroll down the main menu items until you come to and select "Settings." Scroll within the mini menu until you reach and select "Tone Settings." Finally find and select "Ringing Volume," and press the left and right navigation buttons to adjust the volume for the ringtones.
  3. Adjust carefully. Take note not to adjust the volume too high. Remember that prolonged exposure to high volumes of sound and noise can damage your ears.  So when raising the volume on your Nokia 1661, do so slowly; you do not want to unintentionally raise the volume too high without giving your ears time to adjust. Adjust only to a comfortable level.


"Adjusting The Volume" (Nokia 1661)



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