How To Adjust Watch Band

Need to know how to adjust a watch band? Since a leather or nylon strap is fairly easy to adjust, we will concentrate on metal watch bands, or bracelets. Most bracelets are easy enough to adjust without having to remove links, and that is what we will concentrate on.

To adjust a watch band or bracelet, you will need:

  • A spring bar tool or fine pin punch
  • A polishing cloth
  1. To adjust your watch band, first inspect the band. If you look closely at the watch band, most will have a series of small holes on the clasp end. These are the fine adjustment holes. In one set of holes you will see the end of a pin. This is a spring bar and is used to hold the bracelet together. This is what you will move. Take care, however; the bar is spring loaded and can shoot off if you allow it. These bars can be almost impossible to find in carpeting.
  2. Pick the side you want to adjust. With the normal butterfly-style clasp there will be two spring bars to choose from. The first attaches the butterfly portion of the clasp to the clasp portion with the holes in it. The second attaches the bracelet to the clasp. The one you will move is the spring bar which attaches the bracelet to the clasp.
  3. Move the first spring bar side. Use the spring bar tool to compress one end of the pin inward through the hole. Using care, move the bracelet and spring bar forward or backward into the next hole. Moving it one hole at a time is easiest as it causes less bind on the bracelet and clasp. Take care here not to let the spring bar slip out from under the clasp and jump out of the bracelet.
  4. Move the second side of the spring bar. Flip the watch over and use the spring bar tool to compress the opposite end of the pin. Move it in the same direction as you moved the other end. One hole at a time is best, remember.
  5. Try the watch band on to test the fit. Put on the watch and check the fit. If it needs to be adjusted further, repeat steps two through five.
  6. Polish off any fingerprints. Use the polishing cloth and polish off all the fingerprints you put on your fine watch’s case, bracelet and crystal.

There, you have successful adjusted the watch band on your watch. Enjoy the new fit!


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