How To Administer An At-Home Rectal Enema

Those concerned with bowel cleanliness should become accustomed with how to administer an at-home rectal enema. Not only are enemas used to clean bowels, but they are also sometimes necessary for administering medicine or food to patients unable to take them orally. When used improperly, an enema can cause discomfort, so it's important to know how to administer an enema before your first attempt.

 You will need:

  • Enema kit
  1. Assemble your enema kit according to the directions of your particular product. Enema kits generally contain a flexible tube, nozzle and bladder.
  2. Fill the bladder with one liter of warm water and a drop or two of mild soap. If the enema is for medicinal purposes, add the medicine according to the directions of your prescription.
  3. Lie down on your back on the bathroom floor. Put your feet flat on the ground so your legs are up in the air. Space your feet at least shoulder width apart.
  4. Insert the tip of the enema nozzle in your rectum. If necessary, use lubrication to get the nozzle in place.
  5. Lift the bladder and open the nozzle to let the liquid flow into your body. Remove the nozzle once the bladder is empty, but do not let any liquid escape your body.
  6. Retain the liquid in your body for five minutes. It may be difficult to hold for this long if it's your first enema, but do the best you can.
  7. Sit on the toilet to expel the liquid. Squeeze your buttocks together with your hands while you walk to the toilet if you're afraid the liquid will come out prematurely. If all the liquid doesn't come out at first, lie down on your side until you feel the liquid shift and then sit down on the toilet again.
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