How To Administer Vitamin B Injection In Deltoid

Learning how to administer a Vitamin B injection in the deltoid is very simple after learning the basics. Vitamin B works with folic acid to keep up homocysteine levels. Vitamin B is prescribed for patients who suffer from anemia, fatigue, or other symptoms of Vitamin B deficiency.

  1. Wash your hands thoroughly. You should have a syringe, cotton ball, alcohol swab, and vial of Vitamin B laid out for proper administration of the Vitamin B injection.

  1. Wipe the vial of vitamin B off with an alcohol swab. Wiping with alcohol cleans the top of the vial. This is important when administering a Vitamin B injection to prevent infection.

  1. Remove the cover of the needle and pull the plunger back to the amount of vitamin B that is needed for the injection. With your other hand hold the vial of Vitamin B upside down. Push the air into the vial and withdraw the amount of Vitamin B fluid for the injection.

  1. Inspect the Vitamin B in the syringe for any bubbles. Gently tap the syringe if you see any bubbles because there should be no air in the syringe when injecting the Vitamin B injection into the deltoid.

  1. Measure two fingers from the top of your shoulder to find the area to administer the Vitamin B injection. Wipe the area on the deltoid with an alcohol swab before injecting the Vitamin B injection. Pull up on the muscle with your non dominate hand and with your dominate hand aim at the site you wiped with alcohol.

  1. Pull back on the plunger slightly and check for blood in the syringe. If you do not see any blood, push down on the plunger until all the Vitamin B is injected into the deltoids.

  2. Pull the needle out of the injection site quickly. Apply a cotton ball on the injection site of the Vitamin B and rub in a circular motion. Check the area for blood or any other abnormalities and then apply a band-aid to the area.

  1. Discard the needle in a sharps container. The needle and syringe should be placed in a puncture-proof container. If you do not have a sharps container, bring the syringe and needle with you to the doctor.



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