How To Advertise Your Church Picnic

Learning how to advertise your church picnic is one of the best things that you can do to increase your turnout rate. There are many ways to advertise for a church picnic. This article discusses a few of the most successful advertising methods to help get the word out about your church picnic.

  1. Use the power of radio. For a long time radio advertising has been a popular way to advertise for an event. You can target your audience based on particular radio stations as well. Radio advertising is very effective considering that many people listen to the radio in their cars and while at work. Some stations even allow free announcements for churches and other non-profit organizations. Check with your local radio stations to find out what their advertising rates are.
  2. Get hip to social media. Social media is sweeping the nation and it is an excellent way to advertise your church picnic online. Not only is it free but it allows you to have access to a ton of local traffic all in one place.  Sites like Twitter and Facebook , to name a few, allow you to promote your event through messages and posts. Facebook, which is currently the second most viewed website in the world, also allow ads to be placed on their site and targeted to a customizable group. 
  3. Put in it black and white. The tried and true newspaper announcement ad is still proven to get results. Although people generally get their information from the web or TV, many still enjoy  and prefer reading the newspaper. A newspaper ad is a cost-effective way to advertise your church picnic. It targets people who are not Internet savvy or who choose to get their information from newspapers.
  4. Let flyers do the talking. Handing out flyers, placing them on local community message boards or on parked cars is another tried and true method you can use advertise your church picnic. Create flyers that are unique and that catches your attention from the corner of your eye. Be sure to include the time, date, address, and  if possible, include a phone number that people can call in case of any questions.

The methods above are just a few easy ways to advertise your church picnic. Remember, whatever method you choose, be sure to be creative and make sure your ad stands out. Ads that are memorable are always the most effective.

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