How To Aerial Cartwheel

Ah so you're interested in the dangerous and learning how to Aerial Cartwheel is definitely that. Aerial Cartwheels are amazing maneuvers that breakdancers have incorporated into their dance routines to awe an audience and to take the hearts of their opponents. Because B-boying is a competitive form of dance, there's no surprise that breakers implement crazier and crazier moves to beat their opponents. Breakdancing has grown from just foot working and spin moves on the ground to dancers veritably taking flight.  Nothings more astounding than a B-boy performing his routine and dropping an Aerial Cartwheel in there as an exclamation point. Here's how to do an Aerial Cartwheel.

  1. Safety first. The Aerial Cartwheel isn't one of those moves that you just decide to do one day. First of all you need to be loose so stretch. Secondly, get accustomed to doing regular cartwheels first. This will teach you the basic motions involved. Also, this is very important. Don't try to do cartwheels without a mat under you. If you wall you can really hurt yourself with a mat or not, but at least the mat will give you some support.
  2. Regular Cartwheels. Practicing regular Cartwheels will only teach you the correct mechanics for moving your legs in an Aerial Cartwheel. Your upper body mechanics will be a lot different in the Aerial Cartwheel because you won't have your arms to support your weight. So, just do some regular cartwheels to teach yourself how to swing your legs over.
  3. The Aerial Cartwheel. The main thing you need to remember here is that, first and foremost, you need to protect your upper body. Ok, ready? Running into an Aerial Cartwheel is the easiest way to pull it off. Building momentum is the only way to get your Cartwheel to work. In one seamless motion run forward. When you're ready to jump, you need to lean your entire upper body towards the leg you're going to jump off the ground with. Really lean forward. Your upper body should be horizontal before you even make the jump. When you push off the ground with your lead leg, immediately begin sweeping your other leg up and over. Your lead leg will follow. Make sure you jump with enough force to at least get your upper body safely around. So your worst case scenario will just end up on your butt. Which, will be a lot better than your head. You'll know you've completed the move correctly if your off leg lands first followed by your jumping leg. Coincidentally, you'll know you failed if you're picking yourself up off the ground.
  4. Your routine. Once you've learned to successfully pull off Aerial Cartwheels, you'll open a new dimension to your breaking. All you'll have to do at that point is figure what other cool moves to link to your acrobatic flip. Be creative, but be safe.
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