How to Air-to-Fakie on a Snowboard

Learning how to air-to-fakie on a snowboard is the next step in ramping up your trick portfolio. Learning how to air-to-fakie will teach some fundamentals in spinning. Sticking an air-to-fakie you just learned for the first time is guaranteed to bring your arms up in victory. Tricks are a blast on a snowboard, but they should always be taken seriously. When you learn to do an air-to-fakie, you need to pay attention to the safety requirements of the sport. Learning an air-to-fakie, although not a difficult trick for the seasoned rider and it is still is dangerous.

Check out these steps to learning an air-to-fakie. Again, be leery and aware, pulling off an air-to-fakie can be dangerous. Maker sure you are prepared.

How to do an air-to-fakie on a snowboard:

Things you will need to pull of this trick:

  • Snowboard
  • Slope (downhill)
  • Ramp, quarter pipe or half pipe
  • Snowboarding gear

How to do an air-to-fakie on a snowboard:

  1. Make certain you are warmed up, limber and loose. Make a few practice runs, check the dynamics of the ramp and test a little air. When you are ready to do a air-to-fakie, approach the jump with moderate speed. Bend at the knees as you approach jump.
  2. At the end of the ramp or pipe, as you gain air push off your knees slightly. While in the air, pull your knees to your chest. Twist your legs either left or right, moving your torso in the same direction. Perform a one hundred and eighty degree turn. Your arms should be out, to help maintain balance.
  3. Fall correctly. As you fall from your trick, you will be coming down backwards. Push the snowboard outward, straightening yourself, but keep your knees slightly bent. When you land your will do so with your during lead foot as your post jump trailing foot. That is the fakie. Stick it and crank it!
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