How To Air Flare

Do you want to know how to air flare? If you have not seen an air flare, it looks really complicated but very mind blowing. Battle against gravity, I never knew the human body is able to perform such a move. Air flare is considered as an advance power move that requires a tremendous amount of strength, balance and control. It is done when a bboy does a windmill in the air while maintaining a 45 degree angle. Crazy?, it is but this move is now very popular on the dance floor, which means anybody can learn how to do it. Follow these steps and give it a shot.

  1. Safety is very important. For safety, get a good stretch of the whole body because you will be using every single muscles. Clear the area of any hazards that can injure you in performing the move. Right mind and determination is critical in trying to do this move. So for last safety rule, make sure you are committed in doing it because this move can bring you to the hospital.
  2. First practice the swinging motion. Bend over with legs spread apart. Sometimes its easier if you do an up rock (dancing) first to get into the momentum. So if possible, do an up rock then assume the position. You will be switching your weight from left hand to right hand. Left hand down and swing right leg back ,and to your right hand down and swing left leg back. Do this in a continuous circular motion. Try to keep you legs spread apart.
  3. Concentrate in swinging you right leg up high. The right leg will pick up the power and momentum of the air flare.
  4. Next step is similar to the beginning of windmill from the kneeling position. The difference is you are not kneeling at this moment when doing an air flare. You will be on your right hand as you swing your right leg under and left leg over, keeping a V shape upward position. At this time you should be committed to go all the way or serious injury can occur.
  5. From right hand, swing left leg over followed by the whole body and catch your body with your left hand. Clearing this part, right hand switch to left hand, is the hardest part of air flare and also the most dangerous if you do not make it all the way. Once you get to the left hand, the cycle repeats again just like windmills.

The air flare is a windmill up high in the air. A very complicated move. With the right mind and determination, strength, balance and control will come after and then you will achieve air flare skills. 

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