How To Air Out On A Skateboard

Knowing how to air out on a skateboard is a blast and learning how is equally amazing. Airing out on skateboards requires skill and some daring. Air outs are excellent tricks that can garnish praise from your fellow boarders. Learning how to pull off an air out on a skateboard allows you to impose some imagination to the trick circuit. Air outs are incredible tricks that can be big fan fare just enough to put a little thrill in the sport. Below is a primary air out for the advanced skateboarder–a showman’s trick. Learning this air out on a skateboard requires skill and a little bit of daring. Check it out and if you are at the level and give it a try.

Things you will need to perform an air out:

  • Skateboard
  • Half pipe
  • Skateboarding gear
  1. Strap on your gear before you set off to do anything. Check out the half pipe and make sure it is free of debris. Start out running the half pipe to get warmed up and used to the run.
  2. Pick a spot on the half pipe to launch. Bend at the knees and head down the half pipe. Head up the other side and turn just at the top and head back down. This is so you can gain speed to get some air.
  3. As you approach the lip of the half pipe, twist slightly. While in the air you will turn ninety degrees. Reach down and grab the front side of the skateboard, removing both legs from the board and spread them apart.
  4. Place both feet on the board. Let go and ride back down the half pipe. You just busted air on a skateboard!


  • Do not try this unless you are at the proper skill level and properly protected.
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